Hair loss in women can have an intimidating or even devastating effect on a woman’s quality of life; the only reason for this is that hair loss is often misunderstood, a less serious psychological and emotional problem for women than men. Often, woman’s hair loss is not taken seriously by family, friends, or even woman’s personal doctor. While hair loss itself can create psychological and emotional problems for a woman, the inability of others to recognize the seriousness of these problems can contribute to psychological and emotional effects that can range from decreased self-esteem to anxiety and depression. Hair loss in women can also be as a “normal” phenomenon. Gradual hair loss is often associated with aging. Temporary hair loss is usually associated with pregnancy. Most of the time, family-related hair loss is seen in women. Hair loss in a woman should never be considered “normal”; however, the cause must be sought until the diagnosis is made. Among the many causes of hair loss in women, only a few can be considered “normal”, such as aging, pregnancy-related hormonal changes, and hereditary hair loss. Treatment is available for hair loss due to these conditions, and treatment should be considered when hair loss affects a woman’s quality of life. Women Hair Transplant is a much more effective, long-term solution that does not have harmful effects on your health or well-being. nt procedure can be a way to feel more confident about your appearance.

How Old Do Women Begin to Lose Their Hair? For some women, hair loss can begin in their 20s. After the age of 30, 1 out of every 3 women may notice that their hair is thinning. An average person shed 50-100 hair a day, and this is completely normal. However, women who consistently experience 150 or more hair loss or shedding per day may seek help from a professional, as it can be a sign of female pattern hair loss. Female pattern hair loss is a genetic hereditary condition that can be inherited from the mother or father. If members of your family have had such a problem before, it could be another sign to consider some type of treatment. Talking to your relatives can guide you at what age the problem may occur.


Is Male and Female Hair Loss the Same? Hair loss in women does not follow the same path as hair loss in men. Hair loss in women occurs due to miniaturization of the hair (a smaller diameter of the hair shaft). It usually starts around the crown and patients may notice it expanding. Unlike men’s hair loss, women will not experience complete baldness or see their hairline recede. Can Hair Loss in Women Be Reversed? Unfortunately, female pattern baldness is irreversible. Patients can apply a number of treatments to stop or slow down hair loss. For a full, luscious hairline, hair transplant is the best option available. Hair transplant procedure in women is a relatively fast and useful treatment method that can radically change the lives of those who apply the method. By eliminating the experience of hair loss, it can help patients not only with their appearance, but also with psychological barriers and concerns associated with balding. If you would like to learn more about coping with hair loss in women and the benefits of hair transplantation in women, you can contact professionals by visiting www.haircentreofturkey.com Female Pattern Hair Loss Type 1 light shedding: The early period is shedding. With a good combing, hair loss can be easily camouflaged. There is no need for surgical intervention. The front hairline is preserved. Type 2 moderate shedding: There is a serious opening in the middle and a decrease in hair volume. The front hairline is preserved. If the hair on the neck and sides is healthy, hair transplantation can be considered. Tip 3 severe shedding: When looking at the top, the skin is visible and the anterior hairline is also affected by hair loss. Thinning of the hair is at the stage and is common. The only option for eligible candidates should be hair transplantation. There is widespread thinning in these three types of hair loss and the front hairline is preserved in 1st and 2nd degree shedding.hair transplant in turkey