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Plasma Treatment

The amount of blood taken from the person by PRP treatment is separated from the platelets after a centrifugation. In the PRP process, platelet (platelet), leukocyte, growth factors, and this concentrated blood component, called stockin, are given back to the same person by injection by administering to the area where treatment is needed.

2-PRP TherapyPRP Therapy
How is PRP Treatment Applied?
PRP applications are carried out in the hospital. The process begins with the removal of some blood
from the person. By centrifugation, the platelet-rich constituents of the blood are separated from the
other constituents. The platelet-rich content (platelets), leukocytes, growth factors, and the part of
the stock are injected into the scalp. The whole process takes a maximum of one, one and a half

PRP Hair Treatment Who Is Applied?
Men and women who have hair loss or hair loss are candidates for PRP hair treatment. The treatment is performed in repeated sessions. This repetition can be applied every 2 months or once every 3 months according to the user's preference and requirement. If more intensive treatment is required, it can be applied with hair mesotherapy. When these two treatments were to be applied in
parallel, a 15-day period should be spent between them.

How is PRP treatment applied in hair transplantation?
PRP application in hair transplantation operations helps the tissue to heal rapidly and to keep the hair in the cultivated areas for a long time in the active growth phase and to adapt the hair planted after the operation to the area. PRP treatment with the growth factor that is included in the outside

of the hair follicle to remain intact, as well as the new microvascular growth hormone in the place where it is planted with oxygen and nutrient intake in a short time provides the hair follicles. Therefore, it is effective in increasing the hair output rate after the procedure.
Who does not have PRP treatment?
pregnant women
Cancer patients
Patients with active fever
Oral anticoagulant (blood diluent)