Painless Hair Transplant

Painless hair transplantation is a topic that everyone who experiences hair loss researches and wonders about. Not feeling pain during hair transplantation is one of the biggest advantages of this procedure. Before starting the procedure, local anesthesia is applied and the desired result is achieved without feeling any pain or ache.

For individuals with hair loss complaints, the most permanent hair transplantation procedure, in which the hair becomes much better than before, should be performed by specialists. The painlessness of the largely successful procedures also becomes an unmissable opportunity. Painless hair transplantation, which does not require any stitching process, is highly preferred as the only permanent method that prevents hair loss.

Painless Hair Transplant Stages

In order for the hair transplantation procedure to be successful, it is very important that all steps are taken in stages. For this reason, first of all, all analyzes of the applicant should be made and their wishes should be learned. A work plan should be determined in line with the wishes of the person with hair loss problem.

These stages are generally as follows:

– Photographing: Before the painless hair transplantation procedure is performed, the area where the applicant will be treated is analyzed in detail. In order for the analysis to be more detailed and accurate, the area to be treated is photographed from every angle. The most detailed analysis is revealed with these photographs taken by a special camera and a professional medical team.

– Determining the Area to be Treated: After the necessary examinations and analyzes are carried out by the specialist doctor, the procedure to be performed is determined. The area to be treated is carefully marked and shaved if necessary.

– Hair Transplant Operation:After all these procedures, the one suitable for the client among the painless hair transplantation methods is selected and the application is started. First of all, local anesthesia is performed to provide a painless hair transplantation experience. The transplantation process applied to the area with hair loss may vary from person to person. Because the hair density and hair structure of the clients are different from each other. At this point, expert hands are needed to achieve a natural appearance and perfect results. A doctor who is an expert in the field will make the right decision for the client.

– After Hair Transplantation: With local anesthesia, you will be able to achieve your dreams painlessly. After the procedures, 75% of the hair will be lost between the third and sixth months. But this should not worry you! The transplanted roots will remain in the skull and new hair will grow from these roots. Afterwards, all hair will start to grow permanently.

Effective Methods Used in Painless Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation can take between 4 and 8 hours. The reason for the long hours is that the transplantation process is applied to the hair follicles one by one. The long duration of this application may cause fear in the patients. Therefore, how is painless hair transplantation done? We are faced with questions such as. It is not easy to feel pain and suffering in these long-lasting applications. We guarantee all our clients that they will not feel any pain and ache in the light of developing technology and ensure their satisfaction.

If you are also experiencing hair loss problems and looking for painless hair transplantation methods, you can continue reading our article. Especially in recent years, those who want to have a painless hair transplantation resort to the FUE hair transplantation method. So what is this FUE method? In FUE hair transplantation, hair follicles are taken homogeneously with the help of special three-dimensional micro motors. The hair follicles are kept in a special transplant solution that will keep the hair alive after the procedure. Moreover, thanks to this procedure, there is no need to spend extra time to break down the follicles. In this procedure, the rate of preserving the integrity of the hair strands is higher. Approximately 6000 to 6500 hair strands can be transplanted in a single session. Since no cutting is performed during the operation, the pain rate is very low. This already low pain rate is reduced to almost zero with local anesthesia. Thanks to this procedure that does not require stitches, only 3 days of dressing will be sufficient.

This procedure, which does not require any stitches and surgical procedures, has managed to become the first choice of people who want to have painless hair transplantation.

Recommendations for Painless Hair Transplantation

There are important tips for a painless hair transplant procedure and its aftermath. First of all, what is painless hair transplantation? How is it done? You need to find answers to questions such as. For this, you should do research on platforms such as the internet. If you have decided to have the procedure done after finding a solution to the questions in your head, you should find a good specialist and a good clinic. When you consult with experts and organizations, they will offer you the best methods.

So, what should you do to minimize pain after painless hair transplantation?

– Do not touch your scalp for at least 1 day after the procedure and never wash it.

– If possible, do not go out for a few days. If you have to go out, cover your head with a cap and similar products.

– When you go to bed, put your head on a soft pillow. You should also make sure that the pillow you use is a high one.

– 7 days after the procedure, you can perform a washing process that will relax your head. However, the shampoo you will use must be under expert control.

– You should take care not to do very heavy work for the first week after the procedure. However, you can return to your physical activities such as sports after 1 week.

– Your hair will start to fall out after a certain period of time after the procedure. This is a very common situation and you should follow the doctor’s recommendations without worrying. Afterwards, all your hair will grow back permanently and start to thicken.

Since each client has a different hair type and scalp, the specialist who performs the procedure will tell the most accurate operation method. In this process, following all the recommendations of your specialist will increase the quality of your procedure and ensure that you have a painless period.

The Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment – Painless Hair Transplant Method

People with hair loss problems first resort to personal hair care and medications that prevent hair loss. But unfortunately, these methods often do not work. Even if it works, when the products are discontinued, the problem of hair loss can be faced again. Because this condition is usually genetic. For this reason, people who have tried all methods, what is painless hair transplantation? It turns to find answers to questions such as. Thanks to the great advances in technology and health, people to whom this method is applied can regain their self-confidence, have a natural appearance and a permanent solution.

How is painless hair transplantation done? Our experts, who meticulously answer the questions that come in the form of questions, perform their procedures without leaving the slightest doubt in the minds of the clients. As a result, excellent results emerge. In addition, painless transplantation method can be performed not only on hair, but also on eyebrows and beard areas upon request. If you are experiencing hair loss in any area, you can have the look you want with the developing technology and experts in the field. It should not be forgotten that although the procedures performed on areas such as hair, eyebrows and beard are considered as beauty applications, they primarily affect our health. For this reason, the transplantation decision you will take will be a great investment that will first reflect on your health and then on your self-confidence and beauty.