Hair transplantation process

If we talk about things to follow in the hair transplant process, the
track will follow the public health consideration. In this process,
risks that may occur under the supervision of a doctor are
eliminated. Following the doctor’s recommendations before and
after the operation, both the healing process and the process can
be facilitated. Hair transplantation is monitored safely using state-
of-the-art technology.

An interview with the doctor is provided prior to the operation. The
way to follow is to follow a doctor’s recommendation and do this
exercise correctly. One of the techniques applied worldwide is the
(fue) hair transplant method. Preliminary studies and experiments

were conducted on this advanced technique. If we talk about
techniques related to them

Manuel-Punch FUE

We can talk about this technique (Manual Bunch) it’s a tool look
like Combinator
The hair follicles are picked manually in this technique by means
of a tool such as tweezers. The preference is (micromotor) more
often than (Manual Bunch) because it requires more work
compared with the( fue)