Hair loss can be genetic in many people, but in some cases it can be caused by factors such as burns, injuries and stress. Many different techniques are used to bring back hair that has been lost or diluted. Among these methods, the most known and preferred one is . With this method, which is frequently used in the world and in our country, hair follicles begin to grow and grow thanks to vitamins and mineral supplements. In the Hair Center of Turkey, we operate the to people worldwide.

What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a hair follicle feeding / replication application with highly effective results. This treatment, which can be applied to both men and women, is highly preferred by people who have lost their hair quickly or the hair started to dilute. Vitamins and minerals are injected under the head skin so that the hair regains its original health. If your hair has started to dilute and fall out quickly, you can get your old bushy and healthy hair thanks to treatment. Another advantage of is that it can be applied to a specific area and the hair follicles outside this region are positively affected by vitamins and minerals. After a few sessions, the hair starts to grow and grow completely healthy.

How Hair Mesotherapy is performed?

Firstly, we make liquid mixture to be injected into the targeted area. Thanks to our professional and expert doctors, we perform your hair mesotherapy in a completely reliable and sterile environment. The most important point to be considered in hair mesotherapy applications is the doctor’s specialty. Your doctor should know which vitamins and minerals to use. Hair mesotherapy sessions vary depending on the condition of your hair follicles and the area where hair mesotherapy will be applied. The only pain you will feel is the slight pain in the needle entrance. Most patients who did hair mesotherapy begin to see positive effects from the first session. With this treatment, your natural hair becomes healthier and new hair follicles begin to form.When looking at the top, the skin is visible and the anterior hairline is also affected by hair loss. Thinning of the hair is at the stage and is common. The only option for eligible candidates should be hair transplantation. There is widespread thinning in these three types of hair loss and the front hairline is preserved in 1st and 2nd degree transplant in turkey