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EYEBROW Transplant

Among the hair root transplants, application is the most demanding and requires the most attention.
It is important to obtain a natural and realistic appearance in the operation of the eyebrows. For this
purpose, the angle and direction of the grafts should be natural and the eyebrow line should be
carefully designed. Hair transplantation operations performed in Hair Center of Turkey, as in other
hair transplantation operations, manual FUE technique is applied.

2- EYEBROW Transplant Operation
EYEBROW Transplant Operation Stages
Consultation: The field and the eyebrow design are decided during the inspection phase.

Operation: Brow sowing operations performed with FUE technique are performed with a simple local

Hair follicles consisting of thin hairs at the bottom of the nape of the hair are collected using the
finest punches with the help of a micro motor. Since multiple grafts disrupt naturalness, it is
preferred that the hair follicles removed from the nape are singular for eyebrow transplantation. The
operation lasts 2-3 hours.

Dressing and PRP: PRP and dressing are performed the day after the operation.

Eyebrow Treatment Operation Who Is Applied?
Hair transplantation can be applied to people who have spills in one or all of the eyebrows.

Growing eyebrows begin to be observed in the first 3 months. It is possible to see the final result
within 8-12 months.