DHI hair transplant or direct hair implant is one of the newest techniques in the field of hair transplant and it is performed by the Micro Motor which is used by few clinics in Turkey and we are among them, Hair Center of Turkey. The DHI technique is similar to the FUE for the hair grafts are taken one by one and transplanted immediately by the Choi pens.

The DHI hair transplant technique

Procedure in our clinic Hair Center of Turkey is similar to the FUE technique. First there is a blood test to examine you and a doctor analysis and consultation then we start by drawing the first line for your hair and try to meet your expectations for after the operation results. The next step is applying the local anaesthesia on your donor area and the area that is targeted for the hair transplant. In our clinic, Hair Center of Turkey our professional staff and doctors will select a pen that meets your specifications, extract the hair follicles, place it in the DHI implanter pen then plant it with the right angle and direction in order to have a natural result. The DHI hair transplant technique has many advantages over the FUE technique such as reducing the time the follicles remain outside the body which make them stay healthier and stronger. It also decreases the bleeding during the operation and makes the recovery faster. Nevertheless, the DHI technique costs more and it requires more attention while performing it and we have the best staff and doctors in the country to perform it for you in our clinic, Hair Center Of Turkey so do not hesitate to contact us for more


NT METHODS Manuel. FUE Hair Transplant DHI hair transplant FUE Sapphire DHI Hair Transplant Painless Method! DHI is one of the most common techniques used in hair transplant operations. Among modern hair transplantations, DHI technique is one of the most preferred methods in terms of leaving less scars, fast healing and achieving quick results among other methods.You can visit our Instagram for before and after images.