DHI Hair Transplant


Hair loss and baldness is a problem regardless of age, gender and race. Since hair loss affects the aesthetic appearance, it can negatively affect one’s confidence. Hair transplantation is the clearest and most permanent solution to solve such problems.

Hair transplantation has different techniques. Each technique has advantageous differences from each other. These techniques are DHI, FUE and SAPPHIRE. DHI is a hair transplantation method that has been used frequently in recent times.

What is DHI technique?

The biggest difference that distinguishes DHI hair transplantation from other methods is the channel stage. While in other methods, a canal is opened to place the grafts, in the DHI method, hair follicles are transplanted directly under the skin with the help of special pens.

In DHI hair transplantation, as in other methods, the patient is first subjected to a general examination. In this examination, certain tests are performed and the general health status of the patient is examined. If there is no obstacle to the procedure, DHI hair transplantation begins. Before DHI hair transplantation, the patient is taken to the hairline design. The hairline suitable for the patient’s face and head structure is designed in line with the patient’s wishes and the recommendations of the hair transplant specialist. After this stage, the extraction process begins. Although the donor area is usually the nape of the neck, in some cases, other hairy parts of the body can also be harvested. The extraction process is performed with the help of a special micromotor. Hair follicles are collected one by one from the donor area. After this stage, the hair follicles are transplanted directly under the skin with the help of special pens. Since local anesthesia is applied in DHI hair transplantation, the patient does not feel pain and ache during the procedure. DHI hair transplantation can take approximately 10-12 hours.

After DHI Operation

After the procedure, the patient should follow the advice given to him/her by the doctor. One day after DHI Operation, the patient will recevie their cleaning at the clinic. One day after the cleaning, the patient is called for the first wash and the washings continue for 10 days. One week after the procedure, scabs start to form, this is completely temporary and most of them will fall off in the 10th day wash. Approximately 1 month after the procedure, the period called shock shedding will begin. During this period, the transplanted hair follicles fall out completely. After the shock shedding, the person’s transplanted natural hair begins to grow. The shock shedding period is necessary for the transplanted hair to grow naturally. After an average of 8 months, 80 percent of the hair will grow. On average, it may take up to 1 year for the transplanted hair to take its final form.

The environment where DHI hair transplantation will be performed and the equipment to be used must be extremely hygienic. Otherwise, infections may occur on the scalp. Infection affects the healing process of the patient and may cause the result not to be as expected. DHI hair transplantation should be performed by competent and experienced hair transplant specialists.



What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

Since DHI hair transplantation method does not involve channel opening, the waiting time of the grafts is shorter. This provides an advantage in preserving the health of the grafts. Another advantage of DHI transplantation is performed with the help of special pens, it allows a more dense transplantation. The result of more densely transplanted hair looks more natural. In addition to these advantages, the recovery period after DHI hair transplantation is shorter than other methods.


Turkey has become the center of the world in hair transplantation. There are many hair transplant centers especially in Istanbul. Hair transplantation costs, which are economically much more affordable than Europe and other countries in the world, have caused people from all over the world to come to Istanbul for hair transplantation. There are many hair transplant centers in Istanbul that provide DHI hair transplantation services. The packages offered by these centers include accommodation, transportation, medical procedures and treatment.

DHI Hair Transplant at Hair Center Of Turkey

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