The Best Age for Hair Transplantation

There are many issues that everyone who wants to have a hair transplant wonders about. One of these issues is the question of what is the most appropriate age for hair transplantation. There is no age limit for the operation performed for hair transplantation. Especially men's hair starts to fall out after puberty. Therefore, an average age was determined for hair transplantation. This average age ranges from 20 to 65 years. Anyone in this age range can have a hair transplant whenever they want. However, the earlier the hair transplant surgery is performed, the more positive the result will be.

When should the first step be taken for a hair transplant?

The sooner people who experience hair loss take precautions, the more positive the treatment will be. For this reason, people who are prone to hair loss should take early steps for treatment. The first step they will take for hair loss should be to go to a dermatologist immediately. Dermatologists will guide you in the best and most accurate way for hair transplantation. These referrals will usually be hair transplant surgery. At the same time, drug therapy can be applied to prevent hair loss.

In Which Situation Is Hair Transplantation Applied?

The hair of the person who will have hair transplantation should be about 50% hair loss. Or your scalp should have become visible. People with this condition can have hair transplantation. The only treatment for these people will be hair transplant surgery. The person who will have hair transplant surgery must also complete the hair loss phase.

When is Hair Transplant Surgery Not Appropriate?

1- It is not recommended for people who have not completed hair loss. Because after the transplantation process, the remaining hair will fall out. 2- Hair transplantation is generally not appropriate before the age of 20. Generally, hair that falls before the age of 20 does not require transplantation. 3- Hair transplantation is not suitable for people whose hair loss rate stops before reaching the level of hair transplantation. 4- Hair transplantation is a necessity in some cases. For example, a situation such as a burn or an accident has occurred on the head of the person. In such cases, hair transplantation is a must. However, other than these situations, it is not appropriate to perform hair transplantation again.

What Affects the Success Rate of Hair Transplant Surgery?

1- When your hair loss starts from the front, you need to take precautions immediately. Because early measures reduce the rate of hair loss. 2- The success rate of hair transplant operations performed at an early age is higher. 3- When hair transplantation is done at least 2 or 3 times, the success rate is higher. 4- The more dense and lively the hair follicles taken for hair transplantation, the more successful the transplantation will be. 5- The denser the hair taken from the nape for hair transplantation, the better the transplanted hair will hold. 6- If you are going to have hair transplantation, you should definitely have it done under the supervision of a specialist.