Beard and Moustache Transplantation

The loss of beard and moustache hair is genetic for some people and in some cases it can be caused by burns or injuries. Beard and moustache transplantation operations are preferred all over the world for as a solution of this problem. Many people come to Turkey to have this operation from all over the world. Us, Hair Center of Turkey family, we continue to perform beard and moustache transplantation operations for our patients from either our country or different countries which made us experienced with more than 2000 patients in over the 8 years. Beard and moustache loss, which is common in men, can be solved with a small operation.

Who can do the beard and moustache transplantation?

For beard and moustache transplantation, one must be an adult. For this operation, it is recommended to wait until the age of 24. The cause of beard and moustache loss, hormonal and metabolic diseases need to be analyzed. In the case of diseases such as heart, sugar and hepatitis B, the operation can be performed after being analyzed by doctors in our clinic.


What is the beard and moustache hair transplantation process?

In our clinic the Hair Center of Turkey, we usually perform the operations with the FUE technique. In other words we take the hair grafts from the back side of your head and plant it in the targeted area. The operation takes 3 stages: 1- Local Anaesthesia / Hair Root Collection Before the operation in our clinic Hair Center of Turkey, we take pictures to evaluate the conditions before and after the operation. In our polyclinics, we shorten the beard and moustache areas where you will be cultivated with special shavers to number 1 and numb them by applying local anaesthesia. Then, according to the previous analysis of our doctors, we collect hair follicles from the donor area which it is either the neck, the beard area, under the jaw, cheekbone or neck. We keep the grafts we have collected in special liquids until the planting. In this way, the roots of the hair planted remain healthy and alive. 2- Opening the Channel We open channels one by one to the moustache and beard areas where the collected hair grafts will be transplanted. Grooving is very important for successful results. Thanks to our specialist doctors that work in our clinic, these channels are opened meticulously and successfully. The high level of technical knowledge and dexterity ensures successful results for the Hair Center of Turkey’s patients. Accurate calculation of the depth and width of the channels directly affects the naturalness of beard and moustache cultivation. 3- Beard and Moustache Transplantation The grafts from the nape or beard are placed one by one in the channels opened at the appropriate width and depth. The process is completed by leaving the fields where the grafts are placed.