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Beard Transplant

A beard has aesthetic value for men. Beard deficiency can have many causes. One of the most important of these reasons is the rootiness. Rootiness is the name given to the condition where a person does not grow a beard for congenital reasons. Apart from this, other genetic reasons, burns and accidents can cause beard deficiency. Since the lack of beard can cause aesthetic problems, it can sometimes affect the psychology of the person badly. Beard transplantation has emerged in order to solve such problems and has recently started to be preferred quite frequently.

Beard Transplant Techniques

Beard transplantation is usually performed with the fue method, but it can also be applied with the DHI method upon request. In the fue method, the roots are first collected with the help of a special micromotor. The donor area is usually the nape of the neck, but if it is sufficient, it can also be harvested from the beard area. The hair follicles taken with the harvesting process are preserved in special solutions until the transplantation stage. After the extraction process, the canal opening process is started. In the canal process, channels are opened one by one in the area to be transplanted. The beard transplantation process ends by transplanting the grafts one by one into the opened channels at the appropriate angle.


DHI Beard Transplant

DHI beard transplantation also starts with the harvesting process. The hair follicles in the selected donor area are collected one by one. No canal is opened in the DHI method.The grafts are directly transplanted to the transplantation area with special pens.In beard transplantation, it is very important that the grafts are transplanted at the appropriate angle. Beards that are not transplanted at the appropriate angle will not look natural. For this reason, the hair transplant specialist who performs the procedure must be specialized in the field and have sufficient experience.

Beard Transplant Processes

The patient should strictly follow the recommendations given by the physician after beard transplantation. The more the patient follows the procedures during the recovery process, the shorter the recovery time will be. The patient is called for dressing one day after beard transplantation. The day after the dressing is the first washing day. The patient’s beard should be washed meticulously in the clinic, without rubbing. Washing takes 10 days in total. On average on the 6th-7th day, scabs may start to form on the beard. This is normal and temporary, most of the crusts will fall off on the 10th day of washing. After the healing period, the shock shedding period will begin in about 3 months. Shock shedding is a necessary process for the transplanted roots to grow naturally. Shock shedding lasts an average of 1 month and the transplanted roots are completely shed. After this stage, natural beards begin to grow. On average, 80 percent of the beard grows within 4 months and the beard grows completely within 1 year.


Scars After Beard Transplantation?

Thanks to the developing technology, beard transplants can be performed very easily, painlessly and quickly. There is no scarring in the transplantation area and donor area after beard transplantation. After the procedure, slight redness may be seen in the transplantation area, but this is completely temporary and will disappear spontaneously in a short time. After the healing period, there is no scar and redness in the transplantation area.

Beard Transplant Cost

Beard transplantation prices change according to the packages offered, the preferred methods and the general condition of the patient. The average price is between 2500 – 4000 euros.

Beard Transplantation in Turkey

As it is known, Turkey has become the center of the world in hair transplantation. In this case, Turkey is the first country that comes to the minds of people who prefer beard transplantation. Many hair transplant centers in Turkey also provide beard transplantation services. People who can perform beard transplantation at a much more affordable price compared to Europe and other countries in the world continue to choose Turkey. Beard transplantation in Turkey, which has many advantages in terms of economy, transportation and security, has started to be preferred frequently in recent years.