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Beard cultivation and mustache cultivation, loss of beard or mustache loss is an application for men. Beard and mustache are an important part of the appearance of men like hair. It is the method we recommend to men who have a beard or mustache loss due to testosterone hormone, who likes the appearance of beard, or who have a deficiency or irregular appearance in a particular area. You can
regain your favorite beard appearance by having a beard plantation. The micro-FUE method is used in hair transplantation, similar to hair transplantation. In the beard plantation and mustache planting performed by FUE method, the hair follicles between the two ears on the back of the ear are taken from the hair roots and planted in the hairless area in the beard or mustache. In the operation
performed under local anesthesia, no serious pain or pain is observed. In the postoperative period, no wound or suture is seen.

2-Stages of Beard and Mustache Cultivation
Consultation: As with all other sowing operations, sowing starts with the doctor's examination. Two important points are considered during this examination. First of all, the need for planting is determined, and secondly, how many grafts can be taken from donor area.

Operation: During the operation, seedling is carried out taking into account the growth direction of the beard. The operation consists of two main parts. First of all, the roots are taken from the donor area and then the hair follicles are planted in the area needed.

Dressing: The day after the operation, PRP treatment is applied. Before leaving the hospital, what to consider after sowing and how to do the washing will be shown.

Who Carries Beard Treatment and Mustache Transplantation?
Beard sowing and / or mustache cultivation can be performed if the donor area of the testosterone- associated beard loss or people suffering from a loss of mustache is sufficient.

Conclusion and Recovery
After 1 week, the planting area has a natural appearance. It takes 15 days to recover and restore the appearance of the area. After cultivation of beard and mustache, you can follow the instructions
after hair transplantation. After 6 months, the beard or mustache sown starts to reach the expected result. It is possible to see the final result within 12-18 months.