Hair Transplant About Us | Hair Center Of Turkey


You can get hair follicles and strong hair through our center, which is one of the
few hair transplant centers in the country and you can restore the roots of lost
hair and old hair structure. Our expert team is one of the centers that has
proven successful in hair transplantation for years. Not only hair
transplantation, but also beard and mustache transplantation and farming
operations in the eyebrow area through our center through the same
procedures and techniques. Our preferred technique for transplantation in hair
transplantation and other areas by technique is ufe . One of the modern,
practical and easy to use methods is the fue technique, which changes the hair
follicles clearly In this way, hair follicles are implanted from the donor area
From the back of the head in areas where the hair is weak or not at
all.Therefore, hair transplantation is done in areas that have no origin to ensure
the distribution of hair follicles evenly on each area.This way, the production of
coarse hair is accelerated and you can have hair Natural, durable, beard and
other parts with natural hair structure as It was before.